Monday, May 27, 2013

Fail #2

Something or someone, who thinks they know better than I do, really doesn't want me to paint.

Yesterday, I forgot my keys. That was my fault. But today, I had planned all of my classes, made my lunch, bought clingfilm for my paints and chocolate pastries for breakfast, and got to the studio with 3 hours to enjoy before class, AND I had my keys.

Fat lot of good that was. The ferretería have copied me not the 2 keys I need, that I marked with tape and specifically asked them to copy, but one of these and another of their choosing. There are 2 doors into the studio, but I only use one of them. Each door has 2 locks; I now have one key for each.
I am annoyed.

I just love spending even more unnecessary time on public transport, it's my favourite.

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