Sunday, September 30, 2012

I am Grown Up.

Well that was quick. I don't know how long I think a month is in my head but it's a lot shorter in real life. I'm 25 now, and it's the last day of September, and tomorrow it's definitely October.

Now I'm a grown up. Need proof? I went out for a birthday meal last night and I didn't eat so much I felt sick, and I didn't get drunk, and I went to bed at a reasonable hour. We went to Rustika Casa Angel, which I love, it's got different areas decorated like different places in the world, (I'm not explaining it very well, you should just go) and then the gin bar, also go. Don't know what it's actually called, but it has lots of gin.


I've spent a good part of today attempting and finally succeeding to thread my new sewing machine!!! I really struggled with the instructions and my brain, which made me realise I haven't learned anything new in a long time, except for things I didn't want to learn, like that my boots aren't waterproof.
I shall be a seamstress! And I shall make beautiful things! Starting with... some lines of stitching on an old bedsheet! (cause that's all I've got to hand.)

Also, maybe this doesn't fit the theme of this post much, but for my birthday party we dressed up like a circus so I got all tattooed up as an old style Painted Lady, and I kind of liked it... The smudging when I bent my arm wasn't great but I reckon real tattooists don't use eyeliner. I had a proper sleeve going on! Might post a photo later. If I had drawings all over me I wouldn't be able to work in the proper strict catholic school anymore with the nuns, but I would be able to join the circus, which, be honest, sounds like a lot more fun.

I have loads of classes to plan, which is why I'm still talking. I'll let you know how my new career as an inked up fashion designer and circus performer goes.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Really, already?

It's September, this makes me nervous. How has summer already happened? It passed while I was photocopying in locutorios, spending hours on buses to far away classes, and lying perfectly still trying not to let any part of my body touch another in the sticky, sweaty heat. But more of it happened drinking iced coffees in the shade of parasols in plazas, or beer from cans in the dark at Dos de Mayo, accompanied by Germans on guitars. And at the pool, and on a boat in Retiro, and walking through the quieter August city.

A summer that I was afraid might be lonely turned out to be filled with friends, fiestas in Lavapies and La Latina, countless nights in Sala Sol taking up the whole floor, and many nights at the mexican restaurant on the plaza. Generous and lovely new friends took me to Salamanca where I didn't "do tourism" but totally fell for the nightlife and actually spoke Spanish.

An old, wonderful friend came to stay and brought an equally great girl with her, we became friends when I swiped her in the glasses with a tortilla. She makes breakfast burritos that make you want to get up after too few hours in bed. We hit all the old spots together (of course El Tigre, Star Studio, 100 Montaditos, Museo del Jamon, Tupperware) and some new ones. We watched a flamenco Don Quijote. We made kiwi caipirinas, and danced and danced in RRR. We drew on ourselves so we'll never forget. We baked a rainbow cake. We surprised one friend for her birthday with photos on her walls and feathers hanging from the ceiling and drank Baileys with cinnamon icing on the cake at 3am.

Now those friends have gone but others have returned just in time, and within the month two of my favourites are coming to stay. September means organising, timetables, meetings over coffee to talk about working together, and Priorities. Earning, of course, but also travelling less around the city and more on weekends. Doing more art classes but not being too worn out to paint at home. Finding a tap class (maybe even teaching one) and a Spanish class and arranging work around them. Going back to Dibujo Madrid in la Tabacalera. Paying back debts. Much more than January 1st, September is when I make resolutions!

And next week will make it a year since I came back. And it's almost my 25th birthday. And there's a chilly breeze about, I put on jeans this morning! Time is getting on!