Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Holiday plans, 2 weeks to go

Thank god it's finally gone hot again, hopefully this time to stay- it's been distinctly Scottish recently. And I'll be there in two weeks! A short week in the Borders, Edinburgh and Glasgow via Manchester to see friends and for Aragon to meet the family...eek.
I already know this will be the most Scottish holiday I've probably ever had, the itinerary goes something like: Edinburgh, drinks, sleep, breakfast, walk around, bagpipes, whisky, pretending to buy a kilt, lunch, Arthur's Seat, pub, Irn Bru, food, train to Glasgow, drinks, walk around, see Art School and old flats and favourite bars, sleep, Stirling Castle, Wallace Monument, Loch Lomond (hire a boat?) ale, Borders, walk to the river, meet neighbours, grandparents, family, eat, pub? Full Scottish Breakfast, train station.

Then a day of appointments (eyes, teeth, hair) and a weekend in Manchester and back to Madrid to start summer camps! Oh goody...

It seems unfair that this cold week in Scotland (as fun as it will be) is going to be my only holiday, when every student I ask says they'll be spending at least 2 weeks at the beach, obviously...
And one of my bosses had the cheek to ask why I didn't save up during the year to pay my rent over summer instead of working, when he knows exactly how much he pays me! Urgh.

Well only a few more classes to go then I can get rid of him! At least until September when I'm panicking about what to do with my life and go back to work for them. No! I won't! I'm going to my studio to paint some expensive and soon to be sold masterpieces. Ha.

(Yeah, from Lord of the Rings)

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