Monday, May 27, 2013

Fail #2

Something or someone, who thinks they know better than I do, really doesn't want me to paint.

Yesterday, I forgot my keys. That was my fault. But today, I had planned all of my classes, made my lunch, bought clingfilm for my paints and chocolate pastries for breakfast, and got to the studio with 3 hours to enjoy before class, AND I had my keys.

Fat lot of good that was. The ferretería have copied me not the 2 keys I need, that I marked with tape and specifically asked them to copy, but one of these and another of their choosing. There are 2 doors into the studio, but I only use one of them. Each door has 2 locks; I now have one key for each.
I am annoyed.

I just love spending even more unnecessary time on public transport, it's my favourite.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Sunday afternoon fail here.
Got to Goya metro station to go paint in my studio and realised I didn't have the keys. I managed to remember my laptop, headphones, water (the bathrooms look like something out of a horror film so I don't dare turn on the taps) and tap shoes, but forgot the keys.

Let's see if I manage to prepare my classes for the week today and get to the studio tomorrow morning before work...

Yesterday was hugely relaxing and necessary after a sociable and busy week. I re-read my favourite book (Bother of the More Famous Jack, Barbara Trapido) and sketched in the sun at Madrid Waterski Club. See the sketches on my sketchy blog!

I complain about spending all of my time during the week amusing children but somehow I ended up playing table football with Pepe and painting with Patri... force of habit! Now to decide what animal and what experiment to teach to 2-7 year olds this week, to plan what to do after other kids finish the octopus mobile they're working on, think up what to make my teenagers converse about, and prepare what I'm going to discuss with the famous fashion designer who hangs out with Madonna and Beyoncé in New York and calls it 'work', among other things.
 If nothing else my working life is diverse!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Why did I stop? and should I Start Again?

Hello. December was a long time ago. What have I been doing since then? Lots I suppose, no time to write it down? Or was I just lazy? Or did I just tell it to someone instead? I think maybe it´s that. Anyway, in case you´ve missed me (ha, I know nobody actually reads this) or I´ve missed you...

I collected my paintings back from Café de la Luz earlier, they´d been on the walls for a month. It was nice to see them somewhere other than in my flat, and people seemed to like them. I sold one, the Cat for August that I posted a while ago here, yey! You could and should also buy one.

Also in Painting News, I have a studio! Generously given to me by my boyfriend´s grandad, it´s an old office that takes up two floors of a building near Goya and bits of it haven´t been touched for 20, 30 years, typewriters, lamps, fans, old bills and receipts... and a hell of a lot of furniture, which comes in very handy. I´ve got it all set up with a desk, all my paints and sofá for guests and models, who are very welcome any time!

Only thing is it´s been 4 years since I´ve had a studio or tried to paint BIG, and it shows, I feel like I´m back in Glasgow at the start of 4th year, except with no crits or tutorials or studio mates or watercress (Bowie) but with the same frustrating feeling of wanting to paint good things and making the same mistakes! Just needs a bit of time and practise.

At least my drawing has been getting some practise through Dibujo Madrid, it is so good. Tomorrow though I won´t have time for drawing, as I am breaking into the world of modelling. You´ll just have to wait and see the photos.

Is there anyone my age who doesn´t regularly, always, have huge doubts or just no idea about the future? It´s like I manage to forget for a few weeks, then I remember and worry, and apply for Jobs that don´t exist or I´m not qualified for, then decide to study, or just paint, then forget again and only remember I had a plan when I´ve forgotten what it was but I need to pay my rent and I´m confused.

Study fashion.
Study illustration.
Illustration might be easier and more handy for work?
Work in a school- eugh no. Not qualified anyway, happily.
Be a tour guide, take kids around museums and do workshops with them- this exists but apparently I´m not qualified and anyway the 3 jobs in Madrid are already taken.

Meh. Paint and sell some beautiful big landscapes for lots of euros, nothing under a month´s rent. That´ll do it.