Monday, November 19, 2012

Going Out Face

I had a thought. As I was putting make up on yesterday getting ready for a lazy Sunday afternoon, I realised I was putting on going out make up, by default. Eyeliner and everything.

From this I deduced: I've been going out a fair bit. Too much? Nah, almost Christmas isn't it, need to build up the alcohol tolerance before getting to Scotland for the holidays...

Also the fact that I was picked up and taken to Las Rozas for lunch and a walk around and told repeatedly "you need to get out of the city", and later, "yeah you needed to get out of the city"... trying to tell me something? Like, weekends are for something other than recovering from a late late night and preparing for the next one? Really?

I have been neglecting Madrid's more sober side, but the Prado is free all day today so maybe I'll go. Or maybe I'll go and find a framer for my paintings. Or take my satchel to get the strap fixed. I definitely need to go to Lidl. And work, shit. Better go shower.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Unrelated bits of news (No-one else is listening)

Is Spain rubbing off on me? Meal times, yes. Late nights, yes. Language, gradually yes. Gushingly poetic blush-inducing flirting? Maybe. This is a turn up for the books. Receiving, obviously; I am not the most poetic or demonstrative person I know. You'd be lucky to get 'you're nice'.

Unrelated, there seems to be stuff going on, like, stuff I want to go to and see. I need more jazz fans, and tap dancers, and arty folk, to hang around and scrounge free wine at openings with. There's an afternoon of free jazz on Saturday, but who could I persuade to go with me? They would see it as a punishment!

I did see a free exhibition on Monday which was an unexpected treat, Louise Bourgeois at La Casa Encendida. It's some of the work she did in the last 10 years of her life, it's great. Can't wait to go and see the Gaugin exhibition at the Thyssen, and to go back to the Museo del Traje, as I only got up to the 1900s and the best is still to see!

Also found a new club on calle Augusto Figuero, El Intruso. Free to get in, really nice atmosphere, little stage for a fun wee dance, good music.Might try and go again this weekend, I'd recommend it.

I have a girl in one of my classes who tells me she loves me every week. It feels good for me. Not sure if it makes up for all the other ones who look at me like I'm a smelly idiot, but it helps.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

A year on, it's November again

I keep thinking about what I was doing this time last year. It often occurs to me on certain dates, but this time it's different because I'm in the same city, same country, if not the same gloriously central heated flat. I do much prefer my current flat, but really if I could be back in my old bedroom right now I would be, with the window open to let some cool air in... Instead I'm huddled on the sofa with my biggest scarf, hands too cold to sew or paint...
Obviously if I moved a bit more I'd warm up, but the laptop battery is at least keeping my thighs warm so I'm going to stick with it and just take turns to sit on each hand.

I got part way to starting sewing today: I took the pattern of my 'learn to sew' skirt out of the packet and started to read the instructions in Spanish. 10 seconds later I switched to English; better to not be too ambitious. I washed the cotton, because it told me to, as it is likely to shrink. It's drying. I didn't understand all the words in the instructions, in English, so I gave up. Poor effort? You're right. I did clean my room though, and made loads of pasta so I don't have to cook tomorrow. Little steps.

A balloon gave me a huge fright earlier. I don't know where it had been, presumably floating around on a big draft, but it landed noisily into the cardboard boat hiding behind the couch right behind my head. Last night a short man with a glowy thing and some roses gave me an even HUGER fright by popping up right in my face in a bar on Calle Pez. I was really scared. The balloon in comparison was just a wee fright.

AAAAAArrrrrrrggggHHHHHH it's so cold!!!!!

Tempted to crawl under 2 duvets and 2 blankets into bed, but I'd never get out again and I'm planning on going out dancing later, to prove I'm not an old fogie.

I was going to tell you about what I was doing last year, what I'm doing now, and how much I've grown as a person and how much wiser I am, but you can just look at last year's posts and decide for yourself.

(I am still wearing my slippers.)