Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Cat for August

As soon as the sun came out I abandoned this blog completely! How fickle. I'm inclined to restart it this month as I'm the only person in the world, or so it feels, working in Madrid all month. Friends have deserted me, others will be around but on holiday which is possibly even worse as I've got 4 new jobs this month and a lot of preparation to do...
Anyway the real reason I'm writing is that I've ended up with a 7 week old cat to look after for a fortnight, and I can only assume it'll do enough funny things for me to have something to write about. At the moment he's sitting on the sofa licking himself. Now he's looking suspiciously at his own foot. Paw. Licked again, then looked at me. Licking again.

I've never been a cat person really. Didn't really have a chance to be as half my family are allergic, but the one cat I knew as a family friend tended to rip my tights and dig holes in my thighs, which made me a bit nervous. This one is looking at me suspiciously now, through half closed eyes. I think he thinks my toes are little mice.