Monday, November 19, 2012

Going Out Face

I had a thought. As I was putting make up on yesterday getting ready for a lazy Sunday afternoon, I realised I was putting on going out make up, by default. Eyeliner and everything.

From this I deduced: I've been going out a fair bit. Too much? Nah, almost Christmas isn't it, need to build up the alcohol tolerance before getting to Scotland for the holidays...

Also the fact that I was picked up and taken to Las Rozas for lunch and a walk around and told repeatedly "you need to get out of the city", and later, "yeah you needed to get out of the city"... trying to tell me something? Like, weekends are for something other than recovering from a late late night and preparing for the next one? Really?

I have been neglecting Madrid's more sober side, but the Prado is free all day today so maybe I'll go. Or maybe I'll go and find a framer for my paintings. Or take my satchel to get the strap fixed. I definitely need to go to Lidl. And work, shit. Better go shower.

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