Sunday, December 9, 2012

Gauguin, Gijon, Good Good Good

Paul Gauguin

Paul Gauguin

It's amazing how good an exhibition can make you feel. I could have stood in front of some of those paintings for hours. I want to paint like Gauguin, jungles and exotic trees and bodies in the sun. Preferably in Tahiti, though I'd settle for a room with heating really. Painting isn't so appealing when my fingers are cold, though, saying that, I could probably paint in gloves couldn't I? Worth a try.

Emil Nolde

Life is good.

Beautiful paintings. Candles and an ironic rose on the tabel in front of me, The Lumineers playing and a cup of tea. Going for a walk to see the Christmas lights later. Danced my socks off in Ocho y Medio last night, alas no-one from Blur was DJing this time but it was still a lot of fun. And no hangover. Cut out my first sewing project and made mistakes and still don't understand all the words (in English), but I'll get there. It's a skirt with 2 pockets on the front and lots of pigs, I'll post a photo later.

I made excellent use of the 'puente' (Bank holiday followed by a day off to join it to the weekend) and went on a road trip to Gijon in Asturias, right in the middle of the North coast of Spain.

We ate a whole range and a huge amount of really amazing food; fabada Asturiana, paella, solomillo wrapped in bacon with honey and mushrooms, fish, lamb tagine, churros with chocolate, and *cough*pizza, and drank about the same variety and quantity of alcohol... but mainly Sidra! It has to be poured like this:

And you have to drink it in small shots quickly before something happens with the sediment, which isn't hard as it's delicious. Mmmmmmmm.

It was so nice to be somewhere else, out of the city where you could see for miles and miles, and on the beach, and driving through snowy mountains, and not thinking about anything. Happy making.

Had a midnight paddle in the sea too. Pretty cold, but very fun. I'd have gone in properly but couldn't be bothered taking off the many layers of clothing. And it was realllllly cold.

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