Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy Days!

I just bought a sketchbook, 8 boards to paint on, and a big tub of gesso! Shopping for art stuff beats clothes by far, and since my paints arrived this week I'm all excited about it again! Lovely red sketchbook, off-white pages, wee page mark, lush. AND- and this is a bit of a marker in my adjusting-and-learning-to-live-in-Spain progress- I bought it from one of the scary shops (Casa Ponte) where you have to ask the man behind the counter for anything you want! I was terrified of these less than a few months ago! And I'm picky about sketchbooks, but he was very nice and let me leaf through a few before settling on the first one, obviously.

So, yey for me. And seeing as I don't work on Fridays anymore, I'm going out tonight, and this weekend is looking very nice from here- cinema on Friday night to see The Artist which I love already after just seeing the trailer, and another night out on Saturday, with some Spaniards... a chance to see if I have really improved or just have gained some misplaced confidence...

I'm sure I'll be finding some time for sketching and painting, and as this year has been designated 'cultural-and-self-improvement-year', I think Friday calls for a gallery of some sort.

I think I'm also happy because in my sixth and last class of today, my two boys were so funny I was laughing with tears in my eyes- all they were doing was shouting the past simple irregular verbs, but for some reason it was hilarious... oh the life of an English teacher!

This has been a bit lacking in pictures recently, I promise I'll try and find some soon. Kettle's boiled (YES! I have a kettle! Another reason for JOY) so I'm off for some imported Twinings. Hasta luego.

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