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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Avoiding things again...

Forgive me for not writing anything for ages, and not writing anything interesting for.. well, a while. Busy busy! I'm only doing this now to put off even longer writing plans for my art classes on Saturday, that I have to email to my boss by the end of the day. (I take that to mean midnight, giving me another 36 minutes.) I just cannot concentrate before 11pm!

For my tea I just ate a pea sandwich and a carrot. It was delicious (if you haven't yet tried a pea sandwich, do it, the key is lots of butter or dairylea-type cheese to stick them onto the bread) but I must get back into the routine of actually cooking. I wish it was possible to get croissants and other baked goods sent from Paris every morning. I had intentions of eating patisserie for every meal over the weekend, but only managed one chocolatey, gooey thing from Paul in the end!
Yep, I was in Paris last weekend. Such a frequent Easyjet flier I should get discounts. It was AWESOME to see the Paris Crew (who have disbanded to all corners of Europe but reform for special occasions) and fun to see the family I worked for over there, even if I was more excited than the boys.

Oh damn, I'm not meant to be writing this, no I'm stopping, I'll come back to it. After Gossip Girl, and these blooming plans... oh god, I just don't want to do it! I'll write them now and they'll be so bad I'll end up changing them before Saturday anyway...

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