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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dulce de leche, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I absolutely love dulce de leche and all its various forms. Right now, I'm enjoying my local cheapy supermarket's own brand dulce de leche ice cream, which is unbelievably good.

Thursday nights seem to be my new catch up with myself and write a blog day. Monday morning through Thursday night passes me by in a busy fast routine-y blur, and every single Monday I think 'why didn't I spend the weekend planning lessons and doing my to do list?' and every evening I think 'why did I spend 3 hours watching glee/gossip girl/an idiot abroad/ Gavin and Stacey instead of going to bed or planning lessons?' and I bumble through various classes thinking 'there must be a better way of doing this...'

And then it gets to Thursday night, and with the prospect of a whole entire free day off with no work tomorrow, I perk up around now, 10:30pm. I'll probably proceed to spend tomorrow having a great time, then realise at about 11pm that I am not remotely prepared for my art classes and end up making examples of art projects through the night. I tell my boss I make them look a bit crap on purpose, so it's more achievable and less intimidating for the kids... and then it's the weekend and I stop caring and have fun.

As I predicted, last weekend was great. Though saying that I'm going to have to properly think to remember it.

Oh yeah, me and Fiona went to Ya'sta for the 50s night, and it was pretty empty but so much fun, I recommend that everyone goes! There is a huge dance floor and we filled it with our foolish dancing, the two of us and our odd friends that we picked up during the night (one of whom did some things in the toilets and she had not the slightest bit of shame about it afterwards.) Another had a sailor's hat on, and another serenaded me in his top hat with Muse on his guitar on the pavement.

The next day felt very summery and bohemian, as I made crepes then drew Fiona while she half-slept (Beware: fall asleep and I will draw you. Creepy, maybe, but you've been warned) but then she woke up and read aloud, while I painted, from Love in the Time of Cholera. (Feeling like I live in a book again, and I love it. It wasn't even planned!)

Later I went to see The Artist and it was brilliant. Feels like it was made for me, and it totally justifies my love and huge enthusiasm for Fred Astaire, tap dancing, tappy music, romance and Jean Dujardin. (OSS 117) To everyone I've enticed, persuaded or just downright forced to watch one of my black and white tap musical collection, I do not apologise and hope you now realise how cool and ahead of the game I actually am.

I meant to go to the Prado on Saturday, to get my culture shot for the week and remind myself how to paint, but ended up drinking tiny cups of wine in Lavapies, in a beach bar with actual sand instead of a floor, and browsing flats on the internet. Yes, I have decided to move flats! So I'll keep you updated on that...

where was I? this is a bit of an epic post, but I guess if you got bored you've gone already, this is for me and my failing memory, not 'you', anyway.

Then I went out with the Spanish gang for Martin's birthday, and it was a fairly quiet, fun night, until people started to act inappropriately in a chilled out bar called Areia, that I've mentioned before. It has cushions and a bed-like bit, which is up on a platform next to the dj, that a fakey blonde Spanish 'older' lady and a young French man got a bit comfy in. After realising that they didn't mind one bit, everyone in the bar started to openly stare and laugh, and heckle them. They provided a fair bit of entertainment anyway.

The next day I started my new project of drawing what's in or lying in heaps around my wardrobe (which I will post photos of as soon as I get a camera that works) then popped in on a friend and went and played Scattergories in Cafe Manuela, in MalasaƱa, with an After Eight milkshake. I was feeling a bit down and it cheered me up no end. Board Game Cafe Sundays are going to become part of my weekly routine and I am well excited about it. Time for everyone to learn about my secret vicious competitive streak!

Actually, I've been busy, no wonder I'm knackered today. Tuesday night was meant to be a few drinks with friends and their friends, and ended up being quite a late night, and considering I'd been up for work at 6:45am, I'd say I did fairly well! And THEN last night; a Feast.

Kassandra, for reasons known to only herself and the turkey man, bought 2 kilos of turkey breast. That's a lot of turkey, but it was the best idea she ever had. I will get the recipe for what she did with them, because it was amazing. Rum, thyme, honey, chilli, yoghurt, coriander, lemon, roast potatoes with rosemary... I can't even remember what was going into it but it was the best thing I've eaten in a long time. Washed down with caramel rum and followed by Jungle Speed (new fav. board game), a game with a bitey dog, and Jenga.

I feel like I lead a bit of a charmed life right now, mainly from having friends who can cook, and enjoy tea and board games.

My goodness, if you're still with me, I don't know what to think. Full marks for perseverance? Get a life?!

Tomorrow I must be pro-active and do lots of photocopying and filling in forms, to prepare for my NIE appointment (to get my Spanish ID card) which I have been waiting 4 months for, and don't want to turn up without some obscure document I need. Because, when I finally get this elusive but all-important number, I will be able to purchase a contract phone, and join you all in this decade.

I will try and do less things in the next week so I have less to say, this has taken a long time. I finished my tea and ice cream ages ago.

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  1. Oh why were you feeling a bit down? It sounds like you are having the loveliest time ever, Madrid sounds heavenly, can't believe how much delicious food you have eaten lately, do you miss lentils and plain rice with your au pair family? xx