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Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Future, and winning (at Scattergories.)

Sunday board games at Manuela again, and I won! I do love Scattergories, especially when you get a nice abstract one, or a double.

Things that grow= greed. Things that smell bad= train toilets.

I also like that so many people clearly love playing board games in an old style cafe on a Sunday afternoon with milkshakes and coffees, so much so that tables are reserved and there was a queue to sit down when we left.

I've been thinking about, or more accurately not thinking about, The Future. I haven't got a Plan. That hasn't really ever been a problem for me, and it still isn't, except that I have many ideas of things I'd like to do and I realised that I'll need to work out when, how and in which order I'm going to do them.
It doesn't really help that as soon as someone else says they're going to do something that sounds exciting or exotic, I want to add that to my list too.

The list goes something like this:

learn Spanish
study painting (masters) and fashion (degree)
go to South America and travel around
work a ski season and snowboard loads
get a studio space and paint
join or start an artists' commune
do really useful volunteer work
get outdoorsy qualifications
climb mountains
go on an arctic adventure/expedition
road trip around the UK
do a big USA trip
make my childrens' books

...not in any particular order.

I will continue to investigate these various ideas and await your enlightening and ingenious ideas of how to combine them in cheap and wonderfully easy ways.


p.s. the photos at the end of the last post were from Valle de los Caidos, a very interesting and impressive place, definitely worth a visit. Maybe not on a religious holiday though, we made that mistake! 

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