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Friday, April 29, 2011

Princesses and jewels

Never felt so girly in my life as this morning watching The Wedding. Instead of being cynical I just ooohed and ahhed with the others in the Big Ben pub in Neuilly where I went with the girls (plus one kid in his buggy, don't tell the parents). She did look lovely and really happy and so did he and maybe there's a happy ending and a prince for all of us! One with more hair if possible, please.

Despite being told by the American (old) man in the pub that I am a princess, I still don't think my wedding will be a French affair. (See Left Bank Manc's blog for an idea of why.)

I've been here 7 months, that's a bit mad. Only 4 left.

Big dinner party tonight, getting completely British-ed up, I have made myself a crown. There have obviously not been enough outlets for my creativity recently, I got really enthused by the idea, ripped up my cardboard recycling and an Elle magazine and voila, some royal headwear. I'll get the photos up afterwards, they're guaranteed to be funny. Just wait.

Yes I'm procrastinating. Came to the pub to use their WIFI to do more of my TEFL course, but there's music on and people about and the wedding on repeat...

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