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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sunstroke or something

I've been up since 5.30 this morning, worked the morning and evening shifts, and had no nap yet I'm still fairly awake and it's 11.30pm, and I've offered to take the boys on an all-day-adventure tomorrow, when I'll have them from 9am to god-knows-when, the elusive 'end of babysitting' hour. I blame the sun- it makes everything seem so lovely and I get optimistic, thinking maybe the boys will listen to my desperate screeching and actually stop running (heads down, full speed, downhill) before they crash onto the road at a Red Man. Maybe when I tell them to get out of the bath they'll just stand up and do it, instead of spitting the bathwater they'd been holding in all over my legs and then jumping on me so I'm soaked, furious and unable to get up off the bathroom floor. Maybe, they'll hold back from calling me 'miss caca' in public, loudly. At home at least I can pretend it's affectionate...

For a few happy minutes we all thought the little one had missed me after being away for 2 weeks of hardcore skiing, but it turned out he just said it wrong. 'She missed me' ('but I didn't miss her'), is what he was trying to say, but because of my excellent teaching skills he knew how to say it in English but confused it in French.

Again, I'll blame the amount of sunshine I've sat in today, but I did have a momentary 'oooh he's very cute, maybe it would be nice to have children some day' moment, which was a shock to be honest. Thought all this au-pairing had put me off for good. Please note this does NOT mean I'm open to conversations like the one Helen tried to start the other day on Skype, slipping in "so how old do you want to be when you start having kids?" into a perfectly lovely stress-free catch up. NO NEED!

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