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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pub wifi is the least productive wifi.

But at least it gets me out of the house. I just dislike staying at work any longer than I have to, especially if I have to wait to use the computer until after they've finished browsing beautiful Parisien apartments for Mamie, which is slightly sickening. Imagine ever having that much money! So I'm at Wos, again, thinking that because I did two TEFL grammar quizzes I have now earned the right to day-dream all over the internet with a half pint, and maybe some crisps. It's the weekend for goodness sake, let's go wild. My weekend will be totally non-existent and at the same time it'll drag- I'm working both days. Booo. But I'm off tomorrow and Friday, and unlike the past two mornings I'm going to go and do stuff. To be fair to myself I have finished my CV and written a pretty good cover letter, but when I was about to finish the job and send it to LingoBongo (who will hopefully send it to all language schools in Marid like they promised, and not just take my 10 euros and spend it on beers) I realised I don't have 10 euros to pay them with.
Ach well. That's depressing.

There are loads of exhibitions to see, so I shall do them, if I can be bothered and if they're free. Laura's coming at midday for lunch, so at least that ensures I'll get up!

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