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Sunday, September 30, 2012

I am Grown Up.

Well that was quick. I don't know how long I think a month is in my head but it's a lot shorter in real life. I'm 25 now, and it's the last day of September, and tomorrow it's definitely October.

Now I'm a grown up. Need proof? I went out for a birthday meal last night and I didn't eat so much I felt sick, and I didn't get drunk, and I went to bed at a reasonable hour. We went to Rustika Casa Angel, which I love, it's got different areas decorated like different places in the world, (I'm not explaining it very well, you should just go) and then the gin bar, also go. Don't know what it's actually called, but it has lots of gin.


I've spent a good part of today attempting and finally succeeding to thread my new sewing machine!!! I really struggled with the instructions and my brain, which made me realise I haven't learned anything new in a long time, except for things I didn't want to learn, like that my boots aren't waterproof.
I shall be a seamstress! And I shall make beautiful things! Starting with... some lines of stitching on an old bedsheet! (cause that's all I've got to hand.)

Also, maybe this doesn't fit the theme of this post much, but for my birthday party we dressed up like a circus so I got all tattooed up as an old style Painted Lady, and I kind of liked it... The smudging when I bent my arm wasn't great but I reckon real tattooists don't use eyeliner. I had a proper sleeve going on! Might post a photo later. If I had drawings all over me I wouldn't be able to work in the proper strict catholic school anymore with the nuns, but I would be able to join the circus, which, be honest, sounds like a lot more fun.

I have loads of classes to plan, which is why I'm still talking. I'll let you know how my new career as an inked up fashion designer and circus performer goes.

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