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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oh go to bed

Why am I writing this?
I'm knackered, super cansada, ready to keel over, but not sleepy. Why do I wake up around midnight? It's not very helpful.

I'm trying to make more of an effort to speak in Spanish and talk to my flamates a bit, which after teaching 7 classes in a day (in 3 different schools) is a huge effort but I still did.... well ok I listened... or at least heard, concentrating on trying to understand a conversation only to find out after 10 minutes it's about Torres can make you switch off.
I did sum up the energy to make fun of Spain, Campeones del Mundo, for losing to both England and Costa Rica, which they tried to defend as generous tactics; if they won all the time the rest of the teams would get depressed apparently... but then they did beat Scotland.
Then they made fun of rugby and curling, and one of them asked The Question, the one mainland Europe just keeps asking, the 'England vs United Kingdom/Great Britain' question. Trying to help me out, the other one explained to him in Spanish, 'no, England is just the bottom bit, the skirt'. The skirt?!

Must go to bed, this is nonsense.

Ps. The Dizzee Rascal story isn't quite as star-studded as it might have sounded when I casually slipped in that I introduced the him to the DJ. But I'll drag it out anyway and tell you next time!

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