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Monday, November 7, 2011

Freedom! and nudity

I should be planning lessons. Or watching the big political debate that's on tele to improve my Spanish and knowledge of Spanish politics. I'm just not good at concentrating this late at night, I'm much better at procrastinating.

I watched Braveheart this weekend, at the demand of one of my fellow teachers who couldn't believe (along with all of Spain) that I'd never seen it. I've been slagging it off all these years, just presuming it'd be terrible, but actually, I kind of enjoyed it, a lot. Apologies to anyone I may have scoffed at for liking it. It's good. And I've been singing Scots Wha Hae in my head all day, which I learnt in Primary 4 or 5 and haven't sung since, which means my memory isn't half bad. We also learnt The Bare Necessities from the Jungle Book in French around the same time, and I can almost get through a whole verse. Obviously that came in really handy in Paris last year, do you speak French? Oh yes, cherchez le mini-minimum, le mini-mini-minimum, oubliez les ennuies, oubliez tes... oh wow, I just looked up how to spell the next word and instead of finding the lyrics I stumbled across Bare Necessities Naked Cruises!! 'The finest clothing free vacations in the world', in their own words., if you're interested...

Might go do that planning now, just saw a bit more than I wanted to.

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