Monday, September 19, 2011

Return to San Lorenzo!

I've been in Madrid now for almost exactly 2 weeks which seems ridiculous because I'm feeling fairly settled. Settled in that I have a flat, a couple of friends, a job. I'm understanding more, getting a sense of direction and added a few more things to my food cupboard (pasta, chorizo, tomatoes, 3 types of cheese.)
Still crap at Spanish, but jeezo it has only been 2 weeks!

Spent the weekend in San Lorenzo de el Escorial, eating and drinking and laughing excessively, and had quite weird sensations of having gone back in time a year, as if the past year in Paris never happened. A walk round the Monasterio and a dulce de leche ice cream was a blast from the past, but now with the added bonus of not being an au pair = perfect! There's a pond (it's way grander than a pond but I can't think of the word...) with 2 swans on it and fish in it, surrounded by little potted trees, and a view of mountains and in the distance; Madrid.

I do love it here. I just need to get used to the timings of meals and sleep and I'll be set. And maybe a few more jobs, to fund my holiday home in the hills.

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