Monday, May 7, 2012


Goodness, this needs a bit of an update. I can´t really be bothered writing now though, so you´ll have to make do with a snippet.

Been busy. Two new classes this week. With adults! Two days off last week.
Quite a few nights out. Lots of hanging around in cafes and bars.
Found another board game cafe, played late night Scrabble.
Proudly watched my friends´ new play.
Got off the bus in the middle of nowhere, to the driver´s consternation, and had a lovely walk.
Went to three really good exhibitions. (More on them another day.)
Laptop got a huge nasty virus, I´m leaving it switched off in the hope it gets bored and leaves.
As usual, the job hunt continues. Summer is up in the air.
May is already good month, April was wobbly. 
It´s going to be hot this week. FINALLY!!!!!!

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