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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Slippers in Spanish

This conversation just actually happened, in Spanish.

My older flatmate lady: Aren't you cold with only socks on your feet? (I am fully clothed, including two jumpers and two pairs of socks but she wasn't to know.)
Me: Well yeah, but I don't have... anything else! (lacking the word for slippers.)
Her: You don't have slippers?! (astounded.)
Me: In Scotland, yes lots, but here no. I'm waiting for payday to buy some!
(This was said half-jokingly, I'd forgotten jokes in bad Spanish are a bad idea.)

What followed was a protracted polite argument about who was buying my slippers; she wanted to lend me money to get some, and when I said no, buy me them as a late birthday present.

Her: Go and find some you like and we'll (including our other unsuspecting flatmates in this) give you them as a present.
Me: But Jesus made me a cake already, no more presents, I am going to buy them myself! I promise!

Haha she just came into my room under the pretense of lending me an old pair until I have my own, then sneakily looked on my shoes to see my size!!

I reckon it was the longest conversation we've ever had, now I think about it.

And if there wasn't a law in Madrid that says you can't turn on the heating until the 1st of November, it would never have happened. I think I'd rather have the heating, it's blooming cold. Those big single-glazed windows that let in so much lovely sunlight also let in a fair bit of air. Brrr.


  1. Aww your flatmate sounds lovely!! And your Spanish must be good, I don't think I could have that conversation in French!

  2. I edited for the sake of the story, it probably went more like: emm uhhh I have Scotland yes for my feet thing, I wait-hope money.

    Outcome of story: an envelope of my desk 'Para Mairi. Para que se compre su regalo de cumpleanos'
    with 20 euros in. New slippers!