Thursday, November 18, 2010

8 tiny weeks in, adjusted to tiny Paris life?

I only have 2 chairs, so when there's 3 for tea someone has to perch on the stairs.
I met some French people!
Friends of friends, who are all lovely and hopefully I can keep in touch with. Failed completely (again) at speaking french, although not completely my fault as I distinctly remember one of them trying to get me to talk in french and then peeing himself laughing at my 'really funny' accent. Confidence fairly shattered, thanks for that. Anyway, so now I've been to a house party/pre-drinks down in Boucicault, and had a dance somewhere aound the Tour Montparnasse. And I've eaten my way through the treats my friend Alex brought over from Scotland- Tunnocks Teacakes, Caramel Wafers, Hobnobs and Chocolae Digestives. And I've run out of teabags!! But it's ok, only 3 more days then I can stock up in London. The shopping list is growing since I had a cheese-on-toast craving that only cheddar will satisfy, and then I remembered about Marmite...

Anything else to add? I've also had a fever, recovered, bought stamps, and bought a French film that I'm off to watch now. 'Huit Femmes', it's by the same director as 'Potiche' and I enjoyed that last week even though I missed a lot of the jokes and 99% of the words. Oh also, this week I came joint first in a pub quiz, with Laura and Olivia. Go Nannies!

A bientot!


  1. Haha, i once had my little sis sat on the toilet (with the lid down obv!)
    Was even more amusing when i had a little fish tank and people were trying not to knock it over :P

  2. Where on earth did you put a fish tank?! I struggle not knocking my teapot over!