Friday, October 8, 2010

A Scottish Summer / Paris in October

What a gorgeous few days. Honestly, lying in a park with new friends and a baguette I felt like I might get sunburnt. Just had 3 days off in a row and managed to do quite a lot, including boring stuff like finding the big supermarket (and learning the difference between supemarche, superette and hypermarche) finding a forest growing between 4 towers at the national library and seeing some pretty disturbing art at the Pompidou Centre. Will try and get a photo up of the library area soon, it's all new and bright, and like a whole different place to the Paris I've explored so far.
Also finally found a percolator, so have now used my little hob and happy to say it works. Thinking of making some soup, although the tiny freezer compartment in my fridge will only hold one tiny box so I'll have to eat it all in one go, shame...
Got fresh milk, butter and jam, coffee and orange juice in that little fridge and have just finished the last of my birthday After Eights with a few pots of tea (it's a small pot.)
And it was a very good idea to bring my teapot, I only wish I'd brought boxes of tea with me- it's so expensive here! Most things are, but it seems ridiculous for teabags!
Did have a lovely cafe creme (like a latte) next to the Pompiou today for only 1.80 euro- cheapest so far!

I've begun to realise that the area I'm in really is the centre.
I'm where Rue Saint Jacques meets Boulevard Saint Germain, a 3 km long Haussman-designed stretch of shops, cafes and everything else that goes parallel to the Seine. I'm told (by my reliable guide book) that this is where celebrity spotting is most likely. Not sure I'd know any if I saw them! I'm two minutes from everything, and I know how lucky I am!

Haven't met any French people yet, apart from mums and dads of the kids' friends at the school doors, and then there's that awkward they-know-me-but-I-don't-know-them situation... My french- although coming back to me s l o w l y - just doesn't want to come out when someone actually speaks to me. Spanish is still on the brain, and I'd rather say nothing than speak bad spanish! It wouldn't be so bad if I could get away with pretending to be Spanish, but with pale skin and blonde hair? No chance!

I have a window box here with nothing growing in it. Having one makes me very happy, so I'm going to go to a plant shop and see what I can find for cheap. Don't know anything about planting things in October but just want to brighten up my window a bit. North facing into a tall courtyard might not be the best conditions, but my window is single-glazed so at least they'll be warm!

My goodness these posts seem to get pretty long, and I'm sure I still have loads to say. But, again I'm starting at 5.30 tomorrow so off to theirs to sleep over. Have to take the boys to get their hair(s?)cut tomorrow- feel like this is quite a lot of responsibility. Hope I don't mess it up. Must remember dictionery.

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